How to create a SmartUse project:

  1. Access the SmartUse Web Portal (

  2. Access the Projects section

  3. Click on the Create New Project button located in the upper right corner of the page.

  4. Enter the general project information. Notes:

    • Code is not required and can be used for an internal or external project number or code.

    • Many companies have a standard folder structure and standardized issue types. Once your company has finished the set-up of a project to your standards, it can be used as a Project Template for future projects.

  5. Enter the project location information. Notes:

    • Field Map URL is not currently used in the software but may be used in the future.

    • Data Location should be used when data should be stored in a specific location. The default location is set within the organization settings, however a project can be in a different area, if needed. After project creation, the project data location cannot be moved. Note: The if the org setting is changed, only future projects are affected.

    • Project Time Zone is used in Issues. Issue due dates are created and shown in the project’s time zone. Issue history is also shown in the project’s time zone.

  6. Enter the project settings information. Notes:

    • Ordering Pattern changes the order of documents from standard numeric/alphabetical order. It is recommended to wait to add a pattern until the project has determined that the standard display orders don’t match expectations. For example, if a team would like to see drawing sheets listed in Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical order, “A,S,E,M” would be entered in this location.

    • By default, users can create public Markups without a layer. Switching this toggle on requires public markups to be created on a new layer.

    • Requiring a comment and photo when closing an Issue encourages those that fix punch-list items to document their work.

    • Assignee and Owner notifications are project settings for all users that can be used to reduce notifications for non-urgent items.

    • Daily Reports group Issues notifications into a single summary email. Once selected, the day and time the summaries are sent can be configured.

      • For Assignees, Daily Reports will summarize all notifications for open and in progress Issues.

      • For Owners, Daily Reports will summarize all notifications for Issues pending validation.

  7. Next, click Create project at the bottom of the window.

  8. The new project is now shown on the project list.

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