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How to open a SmartLink

1. SmartLinks will appear on your sheet in green in the application if SmartUse has detected the links during upload.

2. From the SmartUse application, to open any SmartLink simply click on the link on a specific sheet. You will only see a preview of the link, to enlarge click on Open.

How to edit a SmartLink

1. Click on the SmartLink and select Edit.

2. You can choose to either update the SmartLink by linking it to an existing document other than the one already linked or delete the SmartLink completely.

How to delete a SmartLink

1. Click on the SmartLink and select Edit

2. Click on Delete SmartLink

3. You will then be prompted with a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to delete the SmartLink, to confirm click Yes. To cancel, click No.

How to create a custom Smartlink

1. Click on the Smartlink Icon

2. Place the Smartlink in the desired location on your sheet, then click Done.

3. You can scroll or search to select an existing document to link to, once selected click Create Smartlink.

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