1. Click on the issue’s icon

2. Click on the desired location on the plan to create an issue, you can select from the available categories or create a new category. Categories can be modified or deleted by clicking the 3 dots to the right (only by collaborators and up)

3. Next, select an issue type. These can also be modified but the same restrictions as the categories apply.

5. Enter the details of the issue: the description, location, photos if necessary, assign it to one or more users, priority, due date, cost impact, schedule impact and comments

6. Once all information has been entered click on Create in the top right corner

7. Your issue will now appear in red on your document. To view it, click on the issue and click View

8. To see a list of all the issues on the current plan, click on the menu in the top right and then Issues. The same menu is also available to view all issues for a specific folder or for the project at large.

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