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  • Exports are sent by email. For CSV, you will need to enter the email(s) of the users you are sending the report to, as for Word and PDF, they will be sent to your own email address.

  • The export of issues may be customized to include only the information that fits your needs when choosing the PDF option.

See below instructions to:

Export Issues Through the SmartUse App

  1. Select the project from which you want to export issues.

  2. Tap the navigation menu icon at the top right.

  3. Select Issues.

  4. Tap Select. This will make check boxes appear at the left-side of each issue. By default, they are all checked.

  5. Unselect the ones you do not wish to export or use the Unselect All button and them choose the ones you want.

  6. Choose to export in CSV, Word, or PDF. If you select CSV, enter the email addresses of the users you want to send the issues to and tap OK. When choosing Word and PDF, an email containing a link to download the Issues will be sent to you. For PDF, you have the option to Have a Custom or Detailed Report. If you choose Detailed, tap OK. For Custom, fill in the following popup window and tap OK to only have what is necessary to you in the report:

  7. If you selected Word or PDF, will receive an email containing a link to download the report.

  8. Click Download Report.

  9. Open your Downloads folder to find the Issues Report.

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