(1) Previously viewed documents

(2) Filters

(3) Plan number

(4) Revision navigation: change between revisions, the green check mark indicates that you are on the most recent version

(5) Search content: when content search is enabled, search within content of documents

(6) Arrows navigation and swipe gesture: use the arrows to navigate to the next plan/page or swipe on a tablet

(7) Toolbar: all the tools used for marking up plans in SmartUse

(8) Issues/Photos

(9) Compare:

  • Change the compare view and share (1) Change the overlapping position (2) Switch the revision color (3) See the difference (4)

  • Overlay: this is the default option when opening the compare feature

  • Side by Side: a side by side comparison is also available although unlike the overlay, there is nothing to highlight the difference

  • Align: If your plans are slightly different sizes or the professional has shifted the drawing slightly, use the align feature to line them up to compare

(10) Share Feature

The share feature offers three ways to share a plan:

  • Email, Save and Print

  1. Click the "share menu" located in the upper right corner of your SmartUse App.

2. Click on the option of the desired view you wish to share (Current view or Full Sheet).

Share current view: will share a screenshot of your current view, any zoom is taken into consideration. The file received with this type of share is an image file (.png)

Share full sheet: will share a full view of the current plan in PDF format that includes any markups visible on the plan

(11) Menu

SmartUse Version: your current version of SmartUse will always appear at the top of the menu

Your name

  • First name and Last name : Change your first and last name

  • Language: change your language preferences

  • Change time zone: change the time zone to another zone in the list

  • Change Password: change your password


  • My new markups are public: newly created markups will be public by default

  • Show markup sidebar: the tool bar will appear in the viewer

  • Show document navigation arrows: the arrows to navigate from document to document will appear in the bottom right of the screen

  • Display sheet descriptions in list view mode: if a description of the document was added at the time of upload, it will appear in the list view

  • Use cellular data to sync data: when a wi-fi connection is not available, use your cellular data to sync in SmartUse

  • Max cache size: clears the cache of the application

  • Send logs to support :When experiencing issues with the application, our support team may request that you send your logs so that they can pin point the cause of the issue

  • Send database to support : When experiencing issues with the application, our support team may request that you send your database so that they can pin point the cause of the issue

  • Terms and conditions : Link to our current terms and conditions on our website

  • Privacy Policy: Link to our current privacy policy on our website

  • Logout : Logout of the application

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