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Mobile App Requirements

SmartUse Mobile Apps are used by the entire project team to view, annotate, and log issues on project drawings and documents.

NOTE: For both Android and iOS - phones only support portrait mode except for plan viewing (without tools) and photos, which are also supported in landscape mode. Tablets are not supported in portrait mode aside for photos.

SmartUse for iOS

Requires iOS 13 or later.

  • Works on iPad mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPhone 6s or later.

The App will automatically update based on your App Store parameters.

NOTICE: Mac computers (even with Apple chipsets) are NOT supported unless Windows is installed; then the SmartUse for Windows App can be used.

SmartUse for Android

Requires Android 9.0 or later.

  • Works on tablets - Samsung Galaxy, Asus Zen Pad, and more.

  • Works on smartphones - Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and more.

NOTICE: Chromebooks are not supported.

SmartUse for Windows

Supported on Windows 8, 10, and 11 (with .NET Framework 4.6.2 or greater).

  • Automatic updates for new releases

  • No local administration permission needed

Admin Web Portal Requirements

The SmartUse Admin Web Portal is an administrative console used by project administrators and document control managers to set up projects, manage users, and upload drawings and documents.

Internet Browsers

We recommend using the latest version of these web browsers for the best SmartUse experience:

NOTE: Uploading Plans directly from STACK to SmartUse is not currently supported when using the Safari web browser, but you can still manually move plans.

NOTICE: Internet Explorer is no longer supported. SmartUse may run in other browsers, but functionality may be affected. Mobile device browsers may not provide the best experience when using the Web Admin Portal.

Processor & Memory

i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM or better is recommended for the Windows App and Admin Web Portal.

The Android App supports the use of a SD card.

Document storage in offline mode requires approximately 2.5 Mb per drawing (1 Gb ~ 400 documents).

TIP: As a general rule, SmartUse will run best on devices less than 4 years old.

Internet Connection Speeds

Recommended speeds: Download ≥ 20 Mbps, Upload ≥ 5 Mbps

Minimum speeds: Download ≥ 10 Mbps, Upload ≥ 2 Mbps

TIP: You can check your internet connection speeds for free at

NOTE: The SmartUse App can be used in offline mode, without internet connection, and will sync once an internet connection is available.


Minimum screen resolution for the Windows App and Admin Web Portal is 1336 x 768.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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