What to Know

  • All sections of the Daily Report must be filled out.

  • If a section does not need to be filled out, check the None checkbox so it is marked as completed.

  • A warning message will appear when a section has not been filled out.

See below for instructions to:


IMPORTANT: In order to have weather data in the Daily Report, the location must be set in the project settings. (See Create a New Project for details). The units displayed in the weather section (metric or imperial) are set in the project settings as well.

The Weather section displays the following information:

  • Expected weather conditions and temperatures per every three hours

  • Temperature: Overall temperature for the day

  • Precipitation: Expected precipitations for the day

  • Humidity: Average humidity level for the day

  • Wind Speed: Average wind speed and gust for the day

TIP: If the browser window displaying the weather data is too small to view all the data, you can scroll to view the rest of the weather section.

In the Add a comment section, you can enter a comment about the weather which will be added into the Comments section.

If the Reporter creates a new Daily Report for a date that is in the future, a message will appear in the weather section saying that the weather information will be added on the day of the report.

NOTE: If the Reporter creates a report while offline, the weather data will be added once connected.



In the Workforce section, workforce may be added as a a team with the numbers of people it includes, as single, or several individuals.

TIP: If you have your workforce information in an Excel document, you can copy and paste your data from your Excel spreadsheet to the Workforce section by clicking in the Resource name field and pasting your whole table.

  1. Click +Add workforce.

  2. Fill in the following fields:

    • Resource name: The name of the team lead.

    • Activity: The type of work they did.

    • Quantity: The number of people in the team.

    • Duration: The number of hours worked per person.

    • Workforce hrs: You don't need to fill this field in. This is the Total number of hours worked for the team.

    • Notes: Any notes relating to this team.

  3. To add another workforce, click +ADD workforce in the Web or the + sign in the App.

  4. If you need to delete a workforce:

    Admin Web Portal: Click the three dots and select Delete.

    SmartUse App: Tap the trashcan icon next to the workforce.

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Our Daily Reports allows adding in any photos that may be relevant to your daily report.

NOTE: Photos are imported or taken using the SmartUse App only.

Once added, a photo may be viewed, deleted or the photo name and notes may be edited.

SmartUse App

  1. Click + ADD PHOTO

  2. Select Take a photo, Photo library, or Choose files.

  3. If you choose:

    Take a photo

    Tap the round button to take the photo.

    It is also possible to add markups to the photo with the pencil icon which will bring you to a markup screen.

    In this screen, you can edit the photo information and add markups using the markup tools.

    Photo library

    Select what album you want to retrieve the photo from.

    Select the photo(s) you want to import and click Done.

    Choose files

    Navigate to the location of the photo you want to import.

    Select the photo and tap Open.

  4. The photo is added to the Photos section.

Editing a Photo

  1. Tap a photo to open the editor.

    NOTE: It is also possible to share a photo using the send icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Apply any required changes and tap the X in the upper right corner.

Deleting a Photo

  1. Tap the trash can icon in the lower left corner of the photo.

  2. The photo will no longer appears in the Photos section.

Admin Web Portal

In the Photos section, you can view the photos that have been added with the SmartUse App.

By clicking on a photo, you will have an enlarged view of the photo and the Details relating to the photo: Name, Notes, Uploaded by, and Taken on.

Use the + and - buttons to zoom in or out of a photo.

Click and hold to move the photo around within the viewer.

Editing a Photo

  1. Click on the photo you want to edit.

  2. Apply any required changes to the following fields:

    • NAME: Edit the name of the photo that was given during import.

    • NOTES: Edit any notes that were added during import.

  3. Click CLOSE.

  4. To edit more photos, click on the navigating arrows at the bottom of the photo.

Removing a Photo

  1. Click the three dots under the photo and select Remove.

  2. The photo will no longer be in the Photos section.


The observations section can be used to enter any relative information that does not fit into either of the other sections, such as safety & security issues, equipment maintenance issues, technological issues, incidents of vandalism, etc.

  1. Click + Add observation.

  2. Fill in the following fields:

    • Title: The title of the observation which should be descriptive of the type of observation.

    • Notes: A detailed description of the observation.

  3. To add another Observation, click +Add Observation in the Web or the + sign in the App.

  4. If you need to delete an Observation:

    Admin Web Portal: Click the three dots and select Delete.

    SmartUse App: Tap the trashcan icon next to the observation.


NOTE: When comments are added in other sections, they are automatically added into the Comments section.

  1. To add a new comment about the report itself, enter your information in the Add a comment field. You can enter multiple lines of comments.

  2. Click the arrow to send.

  3. The new comment will be added into the Comments section including the following information:

    • Initials of the user who made the comment

    • The comment itself

    • Date and time the comment was made

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